Special services invoicing procedure for state agency clients

Under MUSER §IV.4.E(3), the Maine DOE is responsible for the costs of special education services provided to state agency clients and pays those costs directly to the providing agency or person.

The Maine DOE, however, is not in the best position to assess whether invoices for such services are properly payable, i.e., they request payment for services of a kind and in an amount specified in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Beginning July 1 all of the Department’s contracts with agencies and persons providing special education services will stipulate that invoices are to be sent to the school administrative unit (SAU) responsible for the student. The SAU will review those invoices to determine whether they are properly payable as described, and will forward to the Maine DOE any invoice which the SAU finds is properly payable.

The special education administrator will sign each such invoice signifying that the invoice has been reviewed and approved for payment. Invoices should be scanned and emailed to Beth Vieta at beth.vieta@maine.gov.

Any questions concerning an invoice should be resolved by the SAU with the agency or person submitting the invoice.

For more information or if you have questions about this issue, please contact Jonathan Braff at the Maine DOE at jonathan.braff@maine.gov or 624-6671.

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