Maine DOE Monthly – August 25, 2015

Welcome to the August issue of the Maine DOE Monthly, which provides a recap of some of the month’s news from the Department.

Dispatches & Press Releases

Implementing proficiency survey due

August 27 ends the month-long window for completing the 2014-2015 Progress Report: Implementing Proficiency-Based Learning and Proficiency-Based Diplomas. The Department’s goal is 100 percent participation in this survey. | More

Narrowing down the process

The Standardized Assessment Task Force and a few hundred stakeholders and educators all weighed in as the Maine DOE crafted a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking a new vendor for the 2015-16 administration of the MEA for math and ELA/literacy. The comments and feedback were crucial to the process and helped inform the writing of the document that is in its final stages. The finalized RFP goes to the Maine State Bureau of Purchases and Sales for approval, which includes securing the Governor’s approval. After that, Maine DOE will make the RFP publicly available. | More

September release for scores

Since mid-July, preliminary spring 2015 Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) for mathematics and English language arts/literacy results have been available to schools/SAU (School Administrative Units) in the Online Reporting System (ORS). Access to the site is overseen by district/system administrators (DSA). | More

Volumes of certifications

Nearly 10,000 certifications have been processed this summer at the Maine DOE and the certification team is not done yet. These certifications include all educators’ certifications and criminal history record checks on all those in food services, transportation, adult education, driver’s education and more. | More

A summer of NEO

Over 750 people have participated in the 13 NEO data system training workshops across the state with the final two sessions wrapping up this week. The training has been crucial because the Maine DOE Data Management System (MEDMS) staff data collection has been transferred into a new system called NEO Staff. | More

NCLB report cards

The 2014-15 NCLB Report Cards were made available last week through the Maine DOE Data Warehouse. These figures provide the current levels of performance of Maine schools. The data from 2013-14 shows Maine students’ standing right now and how much progress needs to be made to meet state goals. | More

ESEA three-year waiver

After labor intensive, fast-paced work on behalf of Maine DOE staff and our legislature, the Maine DOE received a three-year waiver allowing flexibility regarding specific requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). | More

Other Maine DOE accomplishments

The first six months of 2015 saw great success for the Maine DOE. The accomplishments include: successful passage of legislation, recognition for the state’s success in the transition to a computer-based assessment aligned with Maine’s updated college and career readiness standards, earning college credits while in high school, and a steady increase in graduation rates, to name a few. | More


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