Maine is one of 16 states to gain federal approval on Educator Equity Plan

The U. S. Department of Education has approved Maine’s Educator Equity Plan aimed at increasing access to excellent educators. Maine is one of only 16 states to receive approval of the required state Educator Equity Plan, filed with USDOE last month. To summarize, Maine will take steps to decrease the gaps in student access to experienced qualified teachers regardless of where students live, their income or their race.

This approval from the federal government comes just three weeks after USDOE awarded Maine a three year waiver from the restrictions of the No Child Left Behind Act. In doing so, USDOE is recognizing Maine as one of the most effective educational systems in the country.

Acting Commissioner Tom Desjardin is most pleased with the latest news. “We are delighted that the hard work of the staff at the Department of Education here in Maine has gained the recognition of our federal counterparts and helped create a better learning environment for Maine students.”

Maine DOE’s Acting Chief Academic Officer, Anita Bernhardt says, “Maine DOE’s plan is in conjunction with Title I funds to help schools with retention strategies. The advantage in gaining federal approval is we now have the flexibility in how we use the existing funds.”

Click here to read the USDOE’s announcement published earlier this week. For questions, contact Anita Bernhardt at or 624-6835.

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