Academic eligibility policy for athletic and co-curricular participation

The Maine DOE has posted an example policy on academic eligibility for athletic and co-curricular participation. This policy was developed collaboratively by representatives of the Maine Principals Association (MPA), the Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA), Maine School Management Association (MSMA) and Great Schools Partnership (GSP). The policy is a welcome resource for school districts as they transition to proficiency-based learning and proficiency based diplomas and review, revise, and/or refine existing policies to better address the shifts in practice underway in their schools. Recently, the eligibility policies were vetted at two statewide MPA gatherings and the MIAAA state conference.

The two versions of the eligibility policy reflect different ways local school administrative units are building their systems of proficiency-based learning and the awarding of proficiency-based diplomas. Version A includes a standards-based GPA requirement, while Version B includes course completion and demonstrated proficiency without the use of a GPA. While both versions include expectations of performance in the content area standards and performance in the habits of work standards in the criteria for eligibility, it is noted in the example policy that including habits of work standards is a local decision. Districts may access both versions of the eligibility policy on the policy page of the Maine DOE Getting to Proficiency website and on the GSP website. Districts may adopt or adapt these policies or use them as a reference in the development of local policies and resources.

Questions regarding the academic eligibility policy may be directed to Maine Principals Association’s Michael Burnham or Great Schools Partnership’s Duke Albanese.

For more information regarding proficiency-based education, contact the Department’s Standards-Based Education Specialist Diana Doiron at or 624-6823. Information regarding proficiency-based learning and proficiency-based diplomas can be found at the Department’s Getting to Proficiency website.

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