Student data needed for alternate math and ELA/literacy assessment

Accurate student lists for this spring’s computer-based Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) for Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy will depend on ongoing collaboration between the Maine DOE and the local school districts.

Student data changes will be uploaded nightly during the testing window from Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) into the testing system by the testing contractor, Measured Progress. In order for the schools to have access to an accurate list of students to be tested, school districts need to complete frequent data uploads to ICSE. It is recommended this is done daily. For students who move from one Maine school district to another during the testing window, it will be particularly critical that the student is appropriately exited by the sending district so that the receiving district can enter them. Questions regarding ICSE can be directed to the MEDMS Helpdesk 624-6896 or

A small percentage of students, those with significant cognitive disabilities, will not be participating in the general assessment of mathematics and ELA/literacy. Instead, they will be taking an alternate assessment, the Multi State Alternate Assessment (MSAA). In order to remove those students from the general assessment system, they must be identified by the local districts. To that end, all special education students are now listed on a report in Infinite Campus State Edition: ME State Reporting/Assessment Reports/Alternate Assessment Students. This report is available to ICSE users with the following roles: SAU District Admin, SAU District Admin (Read Only), SpecEdAdmin (Read Only).

Districts with students requiring an alternate assessment need to follow these instructions:

  1. Send an email to the MEDMS Helpdesk at and request a secure email.
  2. Download the Alternate Assessment Students list to EXCEL.
  3. Indicate in the “Taking Alternate Assessment” column, a Y if the student is to take the Alternate Assessment.
  4. Once you have the secure email from the MEDMS Helpdesk, reply to that email and attach the Alternate Assessment Students EXCEL sheet.This secure email of identified students must be submitted to the Helpdesk by Feb. 1.

Once students are indicated to be taking the alternate assessment, they will no longer be included in the nightly upload for the general assessment.

For questions contact the MEDMS Helpdesk or Maine DOE’s Alternate Assessment Coordinator Sue Nay at or 624-6774.