More updates re: 2016 MEA

The following Priority Notice was sent on Saturday, March 12

The following updates are available regarding 2016 Maine Educational Assessment:

Student Data loaded into the iTester portal – This enables School Test Coordinators to begin the work of loading student accommodations and creating classes for testing sessions.

Test Security Webinar- This training is required for all School Test Coordinators, Test Administrators and Proctors who will be involved in the administration of the eMPowerME assessment of mathematics and English language arts/literacy at grades 3-8.

Test Security & Data Privacy Agreements- Agreements must be signed by each School Test Coordinators, Test Administrator and Proctor and maintained by the District Assessment Coordinator.

School Test Coordinator Manual- This manual provides guidance for the School Test Coordinator related to preparation for a secure administration of the 2016 eMPowerME assessment.  It is required reading for School Test Coordinators.

Test Administration Manual- This manual provides instructions for Test Administrators and Proctors regarding preparation for and the actual administration of the 2016 eMPowerME assessment, including the script to be used during the test administration.  It is required reading for Test Administrators and Proctors.

For more information, contact Assessment Coordinator, Nancy Godfrey at