Preparing Test Administrators and Proctors for grades 3-8 eMPower™ ME testing

The following Priority Notice was sent on Monday, March 14

To best prepare Test Administrators and Proctors for a successful administration of this spring’s Maine Educational Assessment in Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy for grades 3 through 8, the following resources are provided.

Prior to testing, Test Administrators and Proctors must be familiar with the Test Administration Manual found here.

Two required webinars include:

All Test Administrators and Proctors are required to sign the TA Test Security and Data Privacy Agreement which can be downloaded here.

In addition, Maine DOE recommends two segments of the eMPower™ ME Accessibility: Tools, Supports & Accommodations webinar (25 minutes). The first segment is at 4:40 minutes in to 8:05, and the second segment is 11:02 minutes in to 20 minutes. These segments will familiarize TAs with the embedded tools, testing taking aids, and basic navigation of the test environment. They are ideal for TAs who wish to work through the practice tests with their students but are short on time.

Questions may be addressed to Maine DOE’s Assessment Coordinator Nancy Godfrey at or call 624-6775.