Personalized learning: voices from the field

Maine educators shared their stories about personalizing learning at the New England Secondary Schools Consortium conference in March. The recording of this presentation is available for Maine educators interested in listening to these powerful accounts.

As we know, personalizing learning is easier said than done. Identifying the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success and developing systems and structures to support students and teachers to accomplish it are the easy parts.

Preparing for and supporting the professional growth and learning of teachers as they navigate the shifts in approaches to instruction, assessment, and related support to students is much more challenging — and critical.

During this session, teachers from the Consortium’s League of Innovative Schools shared powerful and inspiring stories about the ways their schools’ personalized-learning efforts have supported their own growth, the power of collaboration, and the importance of an authentic learning community.

For more information about personalized learning and proficiency-based education, contact Maine DOE’s Proficiency-Based Specialist, Diana Doiron at