Error in packaging creates confusion for PAAP returns

The Personalized Alternate Assessment Portfolio (PAAP) pick up by UPS on May 3 will occur regardless of a potentially late submission of the electronic Principal Certification of Proper Test Administration.  All PAAPs must be ready for UPS pick up in school offices by 8 am Tuesday, May 3.

On April 15, the following memo was sent out to all Maine schools:

RE: PCPA Passwords for MEA Science and MEA Alternate Science (PAAP)

A packing error occurred with the recent shipment of Return Materials for the MEA Personalized Alternate Assessment Portfolio (PAAP) that resulted in schools receiving usernames and passwords for schools other than their own. These usernames and passwords are for accessing Measured Progress’ iServices website to complete online Principal Certification of Proper Test Administration (PCPA) for both MEA Science and MEA PAAP.

To ensure test security, passwords for all schools have been changed. Enclosed you will find a memo containing your new password and instructions for completing your online PCPA(s) for MEA Science.  Schools participating in the MEA Alternate Science (PAAP) will receive an additional memo pertaining to the PAAP PCPA password. Please destroy memos that you have received in previous shipment(s) for MEA Science or MEA Alternate Science (PAAP) and retain this new memo(s) for your records.

Please contact Sarah Greene at or 603-749-9102 ext. 7344 if you have any questions or concerns.