Maine DOE conducts professional development for teams of educators from Title I priority and focus schools

The Maine DOE in collaboration with Syntiro, conducted August professional development for teams of educators from Title I priority and focus schools across the state, focusing on “Organizing, Analyzing, and Responding to Student Data.”

Approximately 200 educators attended the sessions conducted in Auburn, Waterville and Bangor. During the sessions educators explored high impact strategies that will allow them to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their use of assessment tools and resulting data at the classroom, grade level, and school-wide levels. The systemic approach to data provides vital support for continued improvement in student outcomes.

The workshops provided an opportunity for schools to discuss their own data with team members, and to network with other educators in their regions. Sabattus Primary School and Libby Tozier Primary School Principal Kathy Martin shared her schools’ journey and success in utilizing local student data to make meaningful and targeted instructional changes for students in order to close achievement gaps.

Sessions were facilitated by Focus School Improvement Coach Linda Parkin and School Improvement Manager Chelsey Fortin-Trimble.

For more information contact Maine DOE’s Title I Director Janette Kirk at