New procedures for audit and corrective action plan extensions

Maine DOE has implemented new procedures for audit and corrective action plan extensions for school administrative units and municipal school units.

  • Extensions for audit and corrective action plans will expire no less than 30 days from the date the extension request was submitted to the Department.
  • Extensions will be considered up until June 30 (six months after due date); extensions will not be granted after June 30.
  • All SAUs and municipal school units with overdue audits that have not submitted an extension request within the designated timeframe will be put on the hold subsidy list in July.
  • After June 30 and once on the hold list, submitting the requested documents is the only way to be removed from the hold subsidy list.

Extension may be granted on a month to month basis with at least a 30-day extension period; if an additional extension is necessary, please be sure to submit a request for a new extension to the Department before the expiration date of the previous extension.

Complete FY 2016 annual audit requirements can be found here. For more information contact  Maine DOE’s Fiscal Compliance Associate Stephanie Clark at or 624-6807.

Statutory requirements can be found here.