Update on launch of Synergy and new student IDs

Progress is continuing toward the full release of Synergy and much work is being done behind the scenes.  Although we are still not ready to release the full product, we do now have the ability to search for and generate new student IDs for districts.  In the future, this will be a process done by individual districts but in the interest of time and the urgency of having IDs for students, the help desk will run the files for districts and return a file with the IDs.

To have IDs searched and generated,

  1. Download the New State ID Request file.
  2. Using either the extract provided by your SIS vendor, or creating your own file using the data available to you and the upload template, create a newstatestudentid csv file.
  3. Request a secure email from the helpdesk medms.helpdesk@maine.gov .
  4. Reply to the secure email attaching the file created in Step 2.
  5. Helpdesk staff will process the file and return the student ID results to you via secure email.

Please continue to check the Maine DOE Newsroom communications via the Maine DOE Update for further communications.  We appreciate your patience.