Substantial Changes to the October EF-S-05 Special Education Child Count Parts I and II

EF-S-05 Part I, Special Education Child Count, Due Oct 31, 2017: As in previous years, Special Education Directors will be required to verify the Special Education Students for Federal Count between October 1 and October 15 and certify the accuracy of the report using the Special Education Federal Count Certification between October 16 and October 31. However, this year the federal count and certification will be in NEO. Additionally, SAUs will no longer send a copy of the certification form to DOE – the certification process will be electronic and will require certification by the Special Education Director and the Superintendent. The report will be located under the student data link within NEO. The Special Education Director and the Superintendent will certify the data for Special Education counts and the EPS counts on the same report. The refresh of the data, after the 15th, will now be completed by the SAU’s data person, Special Education Director, or the Superintendent by clicking a refresh button. If you have trouble logging into NEO, contact the help desk at 207-624-6896. Instructions for the verification and completion of the EF-S-05 Part 1 and a link to the reports (link to NEO) will be posted in DC&R in the coming weeks.

EF-S-05 Part II, Special Education Personnel Employed, Contracted, and Needed: All teachers, staff, administrators, and contractors should be entered into NEO and verified as accurate by October 15. For special education teachers and related services personnel who serve students with disabilities, NEO contains a field in which the full time equivalency (FTE) of the special education position should be entered and a field to indicate whether a special education teacher is highly qualified and whether an education technician is qualified. Although the data should be entered into NEO and verified as accurate by October 15, certification of the EF-S-05 Part II will not occur in October. It will occur at a later date to be determined. An announcement of the due date and instructions for certifying the EF-S-05 Part II will be forthcoming.

For questions about the EF-S-05 Part I and II, contact Sheryl Banden at or 207-624-6658 or Shawn Collier at or 207-624-6615. For questions about NEO, contact the Maine DOE Help Desk at or 207-624-6896. For EPS questions, contact Travis Wood at or 207-624-6742.