Revisions to Chapter 101 – Maine Unified Special Education Regulations Birth to Twenty

The revised Chapter 101 – Maine Unified Special Education Regulations Birth to Twenty (MUSER) and the changes that became effective on 8/25/17 can be found at the following link:

The enacted revisions amend Section Vii.2.L(2), which concerns the determination by the Individualized Educational Program Team, referred to as “the IEP Team” of the existence of a specific learning disability using a pattern of appropriate assessments by:

  • Inserting the requirement that the general education interventions under Section III of the rule must be included in the data collected by the IEP Team when the team uses a process based on the child’s response to scientific, research-based intervention; and
  • Omits the limitation that the psychological processing data from standardized measures to identify contributing factors must be considered only as available and as determined to be relevant by the child’s IEP team.

Questions may be directed to Janice E. Breton, State Director of Special Services, Birth to 20 at 624-6676 or at