Update on launch of Synergy State Edition Student System and access for school administrative units

Progress is continuing toward the full release of Synergy as Department staff have successfully uploaded and created thousands of student IDs. The next phase in the process will begin on Friday morning, September 22, when the Department will begin a “soft roll out”.  This process will have a select group of school administrative units testing the process and providing feedback for improvements, to ensure a smoother upload process for all units.  Also, a Synergy developer is on site to assist the Department with issues that arise.  The Department’s goal is to make available full access for all superintendents and data specialists, as listed in NEO, on Monday, September 25.  Access for other requested personnel follow within a few working days.  At this time, the upload capability encompasses: New Student IDs, Student Enrollment and Student Personal.  Other upload capabilities will be available in the following days and weeks.

The Department fully anticipates that the system will be ready for the October 1 EPS reports that are required to be certified by October 30.

As a result of the delay in getting data into Synergy, the Department will not be requiring all Quarter 1 reports to be submitted or certified and these reports from the DC&R calendar. Additionally, the “Tips and Trick Web session” will be postponed until the system is fully functional.  Additional updates on this will be posted via the Commissioner’s Update and noted on the Department’s professional development calendar.

Please continue to check the Maine DOE Newsroom communications via the Maine DOE Update for further communications.  Thank you for your patience.  If you have questions or we can be of assistance, please contact the helpdesk at (207) 624-6896, medms.helpdesk@maine.gov or Shannon Bartash, helpdesk manager at (207) 624-6799, shannon.bartash@maine.gov