PRIORITY NOTICE: EF-M-14 April 1st Resident Enrollment Report will not be collected for 2017/18 school year

This notice was sent to Private School Administrators.

The Maine Department of Education (Department) will not be collecting the EF-M-14 April 1st Resident Enrollment report for non-publicly funded students for the 2017-2018 school year.

In previous school years, the Department collected the EF-M-14 April 1st resident Enrollment report in April and the EF-M-13 in October to capture a head count students of attending private schools.

At this time, the Department is actively working on identifying an improved collection process that will be less labor intensive and more timely for schools and other consumers of the data.

The Department will use the October 1 collection to calculate the subsidy count of publicly funded students. For those instances where an April 1 count is needed, the Department will use a “year-end” count that is as of April 1, but not due within the same rigid time frame.

Further communications and actions for Private School Administrators will be forthcoming once an improved process is identified.

For further questions or clarification contact Maine Department of Education Student Data Analyst, Travis Wood at (207) 624-6742.