Looking for Educator Leaders who are “Designing for Learning with Technology”

The Learning Through Technology team at the Department of Education is looking for educator leaders! The theme for next year is: “Designing for Learning with Technology.” We want educators to learn from other educators and to build a network of educators who can leverage technology to get to better learning outcomes for all students.

There are a variety of different opportunities to lead: online learning facilitators; leaders of learning labs, dine and designs, and regional events; and creators of digital artifacts (blogs, short videos, webinars, etc.). More information about each position, stipends, and contact hours can be found here: http://maine.gov/doe/mlti/educatorleadership/index.html

Applications are due June 4th by 12:00pm and can be found here: http://maine.gov/doe/mlti/educatorleadership/index.html

A webinar will be available to go over these opportunities and answer any questions folks might have as they complete applications:

Thursday, May 17th, from 3:30-4:30pm

The Department is looking for a wide-variety of educators to be leaders from:

  • regions across the state
  • all different content areas
  • all different grade levels.

We would like representation from each of the different educator roles – for example:

  • administrators
  • teachers
  • librarians
  • technology integrators

The Department would like to hear from educators who have:

  • created environments where innovative teaching and learning can thrive,
  • leveraged technology to make sure all students can participate in the learning to their fullest potential
  • shown the generosity of spirit to share their work with others
  • inspired others as they design learning opportunities for their own students.

Please share this opportunity with other educators!

For further information or questions, please reach out to Amanda.Nguyen@maine.gov

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