Certification renewal deadline approaching; districts encouraged to complete educator recommendations by May 30

Maine Department of Education is requesting districts’ help in meeting the July 1 deadline for the renewal of Maine educator certifications, and giving all educators and administrators ample time to become familiar with the new online certification system.

The Department strongly encourages those superintendents and support team chairs who have not done so already to take the steps to set up accounts in the new online certification system, and make recommendations for your educator renewals. Taking this action now will:

  • Allow the Department to open the portal to educators in districts that have completed renewal recommendations
  • Alleviate concerns about meeting the deadline among educators and support teams
  • Ensure that the portal contains accurate information about district staff certification prior to the release of the system to the public

To support the process of setting up district accounts and completing renewal recommendations, the Department has released the district portal of the new online certification system to all districts in Maine; superintendents have been provided with log-in credentials and instructions; and they have received follow up phone calls.

To complete the portal roll-out, district staff must complete the following steps:


  • Please log-in to the portal at your earliest convenience to set up an account following the directions that were provided. If you need help logging in, contact Maine DOE Data Systems Helpdesk at MEDMS.Helpdesk@maine.gov or 207-624-6896. If you have certification questions, contact the Certification office at (207) 624-6603 or cert.doe@maine.gov.
  • Forward to your certification support chair the specific instructions and log-in information you received. The Department does not have contact information for certification chairs.

Support chairs:

  • If you do not already have them, please request the log-in information and instructions documents from your superintendent.
  • Please log-in at your earliest convenience to complete educator recommendations by May 30.

Once the educator portal has been fully released, the Department will release the public portal which will allow members of the public to search for educators by name and see their current certification credentials.

Further communications and updates are available on the Maine Department of Education Certification Webpage, Maine DOE’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, and the DOE newsroom.