Upcoming regional grant opportunity

The Maine DOE is pleased to share that the second round of competitive grant funding provided by the Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services (FEDES – Round 2) will be announced in early July.

FEDES grant funds are intended to assist in financing the cost of local and regional initiatives that are both innovative and sustainable, will improve educational opportunities and access for students, increase student achievement through a more efficient delivery of educational programs, and economize on and maximize educational services.

Further communications and updates about this opportunity will be explained in the EMBRACE Regionalization Information Center, which can be found on the Maine Department of Education website, and in the Maine DOE Newsroom in the coming weeks.

For further questions contact Maine DOE Regionalization Project Manager, Jennifer Pooler at Jennifer.G.Pooler@maine.gov or Maine DOE Regionalization Coordinator, Deb Lajoie at Deborah.J.Lajoie@maine.gov.