PRIORITY NOTICE: MEA Released Items and Individual Student Reports Available

The Maine Department of Education in collaboration with school districts and schools have verified their 2018 Maine Educational Assessments (MEA) results data within the Maine Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS). All data in the confidential (login credentials needed), and public sites is now available. Individual Student Reports (ISRs) are also available to districts to download.

This year to support Maine educators, the Department is excited to be able to release items from the math, English language arts (ELA) and science assessments at each grade level in which students in grades 3 – 8 take state assessments. School and district users will also be able to incorporate the released item data in their analysis of student performance. Data regarding district, school and individual student responses to released items are available the confidential MAARS site within Interactive Reports. The actual pdf versions of the released items are available on the site.

Elements for release include:

  1. The student versions consist of one item booklet per grade, 3-8, that contains each assessed content area (Math, Reading, Writing/Language, Essay).
  2. The associated teacher versions consist of one document per grade, 3-8, that contains each assessed content area and which include:
  • Items as seen on student version
  • Standard alignment notation
  • Answer key
  • Scoring rubrics where applicable
  • Scorer training notes and annotations
  • Exemplary responses where applicable
  • Sample student responses
  • Table of released item information

As a reminder to those who registered, the Department will be using these materials during the scheduled workshops to assist educators in navigating MAARS, examining their data, and linking it to instructional practice.

Further questions can be directed to Janette Kirk, Acting Director, Office of Learning Systems at