Parent Praises Hard Work of Arundel CDS, Shooting Stars Preschool in Scarborough, and Young School in Saco

Submitted by Isabel Cochrane, Parent

I am a parent of four children, three of whom were diagnosed with autism. Two of them are considered severe, nonverbal, but have done great so far, thanks to Child Developmental Services support in Arundel, our interventionist Linda Gatz who worked with all three of our kids. She is amazing, hard worker and very focused. Shooting Stars pre school in Scarborough and Young School in Saco and therapists both at school and outside school.

My two boys who have attended school, have done well with the teachers and paraprofessionals, they both have been able to achieve incredible milestones.

We recently moved to Florida because of family and weather, but I am writing this to say that, even though I moved to Florida, I still believe Maine has the best educational support, and some might disagree, but the best support system for children with disabilities.

Those professionals need more incentives. They truly go above and beyond for our kids. The part I miss the most is the educational system of Maine, southern Maine, Young school in Saco and Shooting Stars in Scarborough which have provided a great foundation for my boys.

They still are vulnerable and do need a lot of help but I can tell you, people here in Florida are impressed with my boys skills and how we go about our routine. So I just want to let you know, and hope that the teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists get some support, some incentives because they made my kids lives better. They have helped me become a better mom, and a better advocate.

Pay attention to them. They are doing something right. They did for us!