Maine Connections Academy Students Create Student Magazine

Magazine Cover for Maine Connections AcademySubmitted by John Spritz on behalf of Maine Connections Academy (MCA). 

Students who work with Mr. Chris Hoskins (a secondary English teacher) have published the school’s first student-written/student-designed magazine. It’s online of course, it’s called The Connector, and you can see it here.

The Connector has lots of links built into it, where students can access games, puzzles, study tips, movie reviews, and much more. It’s got articles on Maine ski destinations, study prep hints, favorite pets, and a lot more. For a school where students are in all 16 counties, where they see each other only on field trips and at graduation, The Connector is a brilliant way to bring people together and allow them to contribute and engage — online. And the fact that it’s student-built is what makes it all the better.