Maine Teachers Gather to Revise Learning Standards in ELA, Mathematics, and Career and Education Development

Teachers in council
Math teachers convene in the Maine State Library
Math teachers convene in the Maine State Library

This article was written by Maine DOE 2019 Summer Intern Emmeline Willey.

In July and August this summer, writing teams comprised of dozens of educators from across the State assembled at the Capitol complex to begin the revision of the Maine Learning Results content standards for mathematics, career and education development, and English language arts. These teams are composed of PK-12 teachers from across the state and represent Maine’s cultural and geographic diversity.

The writing teams were participating in step five of the intensive 14-step process of standards revision. This process began last fall when the Department collected feedback during the first of several public comment periods that will be held over the course of the procedure.

Standards Review3
Teachers split off into smaller groups for work sessions

Each content area standard in the Maine Learning Results is reviewed on a rotating five-year schedule. Last year, teams of Maine educators reviewed science and engineering, and social studies; next year, teachers will revise standards for the visual and performing arts, world languages, and health education and physical education.

Good learning standards dictate what a student should have learned in a space of time, not how they learned it. The involvement of teachers currently in the field ensures the standards are relevant and valuable to their fellow educators. The entire process can be followed online.

Educators who took part in the process took a moment to reflect on the process and why they participated:

After the writing teams complete the drafting process, the Maine DOE will hold another public comment period this fall, the date of which will be announced.