MSSM Student Elected as Youth Governor of YMCA Youth and Government Program

Martin Brozman

Submitted by Ryan McDonald, Public Relations Coordinator, Maine School of Science and Mathematics. 

Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) student Martin Brozman, a junior from Bangor, will serve as the 78th YMCA Youth Governor of the Great State of Maine. He was elected to the office by his peers at the 2019 Maine YMCA Youth and Government program on Sunday, November 11th. Martin is the first MSSM student ever to hold the position. With his election, Martin will attend the YMCA Youth Governor’s Conference in Washington, D.C., representing the Maine YMCA, and he will serve as Governor of the 2020 Youth and Government program in Augusta.

The MSSM delegation returned to Limestone Sunday evening where they were welcomed by a Limestone Police and Fire Department escort at the town line and a celebratory student body ready to welcome Governor Brozman and the rest of the group home. Additional recognition to this year’s senior participants: Will Whitman (Swan’s Island), Michael Delorge (Biddeford), Toben Streevy (Bar Harbor), Taesu Joo (Republic of Korea), Jordan Theriault (Fort Fairfield), James Lau (Buxton), Jay Philbrick (North Yarmouth), Christian Chagnon (Eliot), Annie Giroux (Wales), Shea Sewall (Hope), and Madelyn Battcock-Emerson (Kittery).

Brozman’s platform was based on a need for affordable healthcare here in Maine. He believes that this would “attract young people and families to live here and thrive. Without having to worry about healthcare costs, young families will be more likely to stay and be active members of their communities.” Brozman comes from a family of doctors and plans to be either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist. Brozman went on to say, “This program has helped me realize the role of government, and now I have a better understanding of the politics behind medicine.”

YMCA Youth and Government program allows any High School student in Maine to participate in a hands-on experience of how Maine’s Legislative process works. Delegates have a variety of duties such as drafting all the bills to be debated and discussed, and electing their peers to serve in leadership positions to lead at the State House weekend. They also receive training in how to complete all leadership roles for the weekend. YMCA Youth and Government Program Delegates serve as Youth Governor, Cabinet, Representatives, Senators, Lobbyists, and Media Staff, and have a unique opportunity to have access to the State House during the program. The program takes place in the actual chamber and committee rooms.

For more information contact Lonney Steeves, Maine YMCA Youth and Government Director, at