Portland High School Partners With Lee Auto Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Service Department

Dustin Lee, Parts Manager of Lee Auto has created a unique and valuable internship opportunity for Portland High School students. Through Lee, students have the opportunity to intern in the service department learning skills such as changing and torquing tires, changing oil, checking tire pressure, rotating tires, and working with breaks and spark plugs. Lee is the only auto shop that currently partners with Portland High School, providing an invaluable experience for students. Students work directly with service staff members and gain one on one mentorship in the field.

This internship allows students who did not have the opportunity to enroll in the automotive program at Portland Arts and Technology High School and students who hope to begin the program in the future to be able to get hands on experience working with cars. Lee had one Portland High intern last year and two Portland High interns this year.

Broderick Rutledge, a sophomore planning on enrolling in the PATHS Automotive Program says he likes the internship because “it’s something I enjoy, [and] the people that I work with also play an important part in it too. They make the internship even more enjoyable.”

Francis Costin, a senior says “It’s really interesting to learn auto skills on a variety of different vehicles, and I am also excited to be able to apply the skills I learn at Lee Auto to my car later in life.”

The internship benefits Lee too. Dustin Lee says that “It’s a great opportunity for us to build relationships with Portland students who have interest in automotive.” It helps their company because “these students get real exposure to what it’s like to work at our dealership. Hopefully they like it and will think of us when it comes time for them to start their careers.”

Portland High would love to partner with more businesses, including in the automotive field! If you are interested in getting involved through job shadows, mock interviews, internships, or career panels. Please contact Andrea Levinsky, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at levina@portlandschools.org.

This article was submitted by Andrea Levinsky, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at Portland High School as part of the Maine Schools Sharing Success Campaign. If you have a story or an idea email it to Rachel Paling at rachel.paling@maine.gov.