MASL Webinars Begin for Maine’s School Librarians

MASL Webinars Begin for Maine’s School Librarians

The Maine Association of School Libraries (MASL) is pleased to announce it will be providing a webinar series for school librarians over the coming months.  Jon Graham, Maine DOE’s Elementary Digital Learning Specialist, will be assisting with the development of the series. The webinars will include topics like Overdrive e-books and audiobooks, classroom management in the school library, and their first topic, Makerspaces in the Elementary School Library.  This webinar will be available live on Monday March 2 from 7pm to 8pm.

After the success of the 2019 Spring Symposium, and after receiving feedback from many librarians supporting a webinar format, the Board for the Maine Association of Libraries (MASL) has decided to take a one-year hiatus from hosting conferences to instead focus on providing high quality professional development for their members via technology.  They also intend to resume their annual Spring Symposium conference beginning in 2021, which will be their only annual conference moving forward.

Makerspaces: In the Elementary School Library

The maker movement hit libraries in a big way. But how can an elementary library with little hands, limited budgets, and tight schedules embrace it? MASL Webinars is tackling that topic in a panel discussion with a group of educators taking different paths to the common goal of helping our learners become the creators and innovators of the next century. One contact hour will be awarded to participants.

This free webinar will be recorded and made available to MASL Members.  Membership is $25/year. Registration for the webinar is available at:


  • Jen Stanbro – Skillin Elementary School, MASL President-Elect
  • Jon Graham – DOE Elementary Digital Learning Specialist


  • Meg Blakemore – UMaine Faculty, MASL Treasurer
  • Courtney Graffius – Scarborough School Technology Integrator
  • Rosie Lenehan – Scarborough Schools Librarian
  • Regan Parker – Buxton Center Elementary School, MASL At-Large Board Member
  • Karly Wilkins – Spruce Mountain Elementary School Library Ed. Tech.

For additional information, you can contact Jon Graham at the Maine Department of Education at