RECOGNIZING GREAT EDUCATORS: Department of Education Talent Pool!

The Maine Department of Education believes that by promoting the excellence that exists in classrooms and schools across Maine, we will increase the trust and respect given to educators, and encourage and support others in an outstanding career working with Maine’s students.

We are seeking recommendations for our Maine Department of Education Talent Pool.  This opportunity is for the unsung heroes who are making a difference for students, and likely will continue to expand that impact far beyond their classrooms or schools. The Department of Education hopes to connect these current educational luminaries to one another, to decision making at the department, and to other practitioners in the field. By tapping into their professional expertise and insights, and encouraging educator to educator collaboration and sharing, Maine’s learners will continue to thrive!  Those who are recommended can determine their capacity and interest in engagement, there is no expectation beyond being an outstanding educator.

Please help us in the expansion of our Talent Pool, and with our continued efforts to support and celebrate the amazing work being done in classrooms across Maine every day! We encourage school and district leaders to submit recommendations by April 30, 2020.

For more information, please check out the webpage and recommendation form, or reach out to Emily Doughty at or (207)624-6748.