School Health Annual Reporting Window is Open

The Maine Department Of Education is announcing that the School Health Annual Report is now available through the Reporting Calendar.

We understand that schools are dealing with tremendous adversity and stress as they have adapted to various states of distance learning, building closures, and staff reassignment. With that in mind, this announcement is being made with the following assumptions: many of the hearing and vision screenings were not completed, some data is inaccessible at this time, staff are currently working in alternative settings and schedules. At the same time, we realize that some school nurses and school districts are dedicated to data collection and want to complete as much of the required reporting as possible. We only ask that you report what and if you are able and we are also extending the reporting window to August 31.

The reporting link is available through the DC&R Calendar and the superintendent will determine who will compile and submit the data from all schools within the SAU. The data does not need to be submitted by your health staff, it can be entered by whomever the Superintendent determines is appropriate. Please remember that these reports once submitted, are manually verified so it may take up to two weeks for your report to show up in DC&R as completed.

You may download the reporting worksheet in order to aid data collection among your schools.

Now more than ever, being able to quantify the workload of your school health staff is of utmost importance as we continue in this unprecedented time. Advocating for the multiple needs of your students helps to inform evidence-based school nursing practice and improve overall youth health outcomes. Healthy students are better learners.

The School Health Annual Report summary for 2018-19 is available for review.

If you have questions about the School Health Annual Report please contact the MDOE School Nurse Consultant, or 207-592-0387.