Schooner Tile Project: Preserving Our Legacy

picture of tiles

Camden-Rockport Middle School: Over the past 20 years, 7th grade students at the Camden-Rockport Middle School have designed hand-crafted tiles to decorate the front entry way of their school during art class. The new school year, however, will take place in a new school building, leaving these tiles, and big piece of the school history, behind.

When Maria Libby, superintendent of MSAD 28 (Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville and Rockport) and former student at, and principal of, the old middle school building heard that the school was scheduled to be demolished in June, she knew something had to be done to preserve the legacy of the tiles. She says that her “attachment to that place inspired me to document every student tile that had been installed over the past 19 years.” Maria could not let them be destroyed without saving a piece of the history.

While the past 7 years of tiles have been saved for the new school, and will be displayed for the incoming classes of Middle Schoolers at CRMS, 13 years worth of tiles, of history, and of community, were scheduled to be demolished along with the old school building. Maria Libby took matters into her owns hands, and photographed all 1,400 tiles adorning the front entry of the old middle school.

All of the photographed tiles have been uploaded and indexed on the Schooner Tile Project website as a way to preserve the legacy of the school, students, and community. Approximately 1,400 tiles are available to view and download from this site. To find a tile, click on the letter of the artist’s last name in the banner above. View the archived tiles here!

Read Maria Libby’s personal account of the experience here.

This article was written by Maine DOE Intern Aidan Sachs in collaboration with staff at Five Town CSD MSAD #28 as part of the Maine Schools Sharing Success Campaign. To submit a story or an idea email Rachel at