#MatteringForMaineYouth – Community Forums to be Held Statewide


During this time of opportunity and challenge, together we must create a springboard for community driven change for Maine youth. Across Maine, too many youth are isolated. The rate of youth anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness in Maine have reached crisis levels.

In the 2019 Maine Integrated Youth Survey almost 50% of youth feel they do not matter to their community. While a child may feel connected within their family or school, how can we create a culture in Maine where youth feel they matter in community?

Connectedness refers to a sense of being cared for, supported, and belonging, and can be centered on feeling connected to school, home, with other important people or organizations. Mattering and social connectedness are protective factors that reduce the likelihood of poor mental health and other risks such as suicide and substance use. A strong sense of mattering in the community helps provide a sense of connectedness with lasting effects on their health and well-being.

Thank you in advance for Joining the Conversation!

Facilitated by Carole Martin

January-March of 2021, The Maine Resilience Building Network-MRBN- is hosting facilitated Community Conversations to Cultivate Mattering for Maine Youth. Virtual Forums are schedule in all 9 Public Health Districts across every Maine County. Participation is Free to Attend. Together we will listen, learn and share. All community members are encouraged to attend.
Your voice matters.

If you cannot attend your health district/county zoom event, please attend another event. There are two evening events available. Please join the Community Conversations to learn how you can build positive connections for Maine Youth.

Join the Community Conversation.

For more information contact Maine Resilience Building Network at info@maineresilience.org or visit www.maineresiliece.org.