Priority Notice: Maine Learning Results Review Writing Teams Now Accepting Applications

The Maine Department of Education is performing a regularly scheduled review of the Maine Learning Results for the following areas: Health Education and Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, and World Languages. The Department is looking for participants to serve as part of the writing teams this summer. The purpose of the writing teams is to revise the current standards, based on guidance provided from content area steering committees. For more information about the standards review process, check the new Maine DOE standards revision website.

Teams will serve as representative samples of educators in each of the content areas who are actively working across locations throughout Maine that cover PreK-12 grade levels. It is our hope to have participation from all Maine counties, ensuring geographic diversity.

Most of the work will take place in June, July, and August. Drawing from prior experience, most content area writing teams took approximately three days or 21 hours to complete the work. All summer meetings will be held virtually in two- to four-hour blocks of time. Specific schedules will be determined by the content area specialists with input from writing team members.

All interested educators are strongly encouraged to participate. All participants will receive contact hours for their participation.

If you are interested and committed to participating in this important work, please complete this short application by Friday, March 26, 2021 to be considered. Department content area specialists will reach out to interested participants with more information in the coming weeks.

For more information or questions contact the applicable Maine DOE Content Specialist: