Priority Notice: Maine Department of Education Speaks Out Against Attacks on Asian American and Pacific Island Community Members

The Maine Department of Education joins our colleagues and communities across Maine, as well as leaders across the nation, in taking a stance against the demonstrations of hate and violence endured by our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) friends and neighbors.  The reported attacks on members of the AAPI community members across our country, and here in Maine, and the horrific murders in Atlanta on March 16, 2021 are painful reminders of the importance of recognizing the harm that prejudice and racism inflict upon all of us.

Race-based violence has no place in our society; we strongly denounce such actions, and we stand in solidarity with AAPI communities to demand the end of the discrimination and attacks. We encourage Maine schools and educators to join us as we engage in education about the impact of discrimination and violence on our society.

We understand that discussions about discrimination and violence can be emotional and at times difficult to navigate for both educators and our students. With this in mind, the Maine DOE has created a resource page to help support these conversations in our classrooms. It is also important for both educators and students to take time to reflect on our own biases and beliefs in order to help us understand how we see the world around us. Our webpage on Personal, Student, and Staff Reflection and Engagement has a variety of videos and tools to help with this process of reflection.

The Maine Department of Education, in partnership with our schools and educators across Maine, pledges to continue to speak up with and on behalf of every student and every person in our education system. We strive to create an inclusive culture within all Maine schools, where all people are supported, celebrated, and heard.