WIDA Standards Framework 2020 to be Introduced at Maine ESOL Meeting on May 7

The WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards Framework, 2020 Edition, is now available! This new framework provides a clear and coherent structure to guide the development of curriculum, instruction, and assessment of content-driven English language learning. The 2020 Edition:

  • Incorporates ideas and feedback from educators around the world
  • Refines and enhances ideas and concepts from prior editions and resources
  • Continues to advance the field of language development and academic achievement for multilingual learners, pushing forward the latest theory, policy, and practice
  • Serves as the foundation for systems that foster engaged interactive student learning and collaborative educator practice
  • Is centered on equity and fosters the assets, contributions, and potential of culturally and linguistically diverse children and youth

Maine Department of Education (DOE) will be introducing the WIDA ELD Standards Framework, 2020 Edition, on May 7th at the Maine ESOL Meeting. All educators, administrators, and community partners are invited to attend this free, virtual event, which will include a session on the 2020 ELD Standards Framework and Maine’s implementation plan, as well as a variety of other ESOL-related sessions for participants to attend.

For more information and to register for the Maine ESOL Meeting, please visit the Maine DOE professional development calendar.

Visit the WIDA ELD Standards webpage to download the 2020 Edition, learn about professional learning opportunities, and access resources. WIDA is offering a free, self-paced, six-module training called The WIDA 2020 ELD Standards Framework: A Collaborative Approach. This training is available to all Maine public school educators through the WIDA Secure Portal. If you do not yet have a WIDA Secure Portal account, contact WIDA Client Services to have one set up for you.

In addition, the Maine Department of Education is hosting two eWorkshops, facilitated by WIDA, on Planning with 2020 WIDA ELD Standards. The eWorkshops will take place on June 9th from 9:30am to 11:30am and June 16th from 9:30am to 11:30am. Registration is not yet open, so stay tuned for announcements or contact April Perkins at april.perkins@maine.gov for more information.