Prepare for Fall 2021 Lead Testing in Schools

Maine Drinking Water Program Graphic

The Maine Legislature passed a law requiring all school drinking and cooking water fixtures be tested for lead. All schools will either need to work with their local water professional or use the provided training materials to identify water sampling locations, collect water samples, coordinate with the designated laboratory, report results, and follow up with plans/procedures/actions based on the sampling results. Schools should designate someone for this responsibility.

Samples can be ordered on October 1st, 2021. To begin preparing for your sampling, visit our website at to download instructions.

Communication is Key

Before you begin sampling for lead in your school’s drinking water, it’s recommended that you communicate your efforts to parents and guardians. Make it known that by collecting lead water samples, your school is working toward creating a healthier and safer learning environment for students.

Staying ahead with your messaging is proactive and builds trust.  Attached is a template your school can use to develop your messaging:

If you have specific questions about the program you can contact the Drinking Water Program at 207-287-2070. You can also visit Maine’s Childhood Lead Poisoning website, or by calling 866-292-3474.