Concussion Resources and Reporting

As directed by Title 20-A §254, sub-§17, the Maine Department of Education (DOE) has been working in collaboration with the Maine Principals’ Association (MPA), Maine Association of School Nurses (MASN), and the Maine Concussion Management Initiative (MCMI) to create a process for concussion incidence reporting. During the first year of implementation, the concussion workgroup is providing support to schools that are currently utilizing the Head Injury Tracker (HIT). HIT was developed by MCMI 2013 with the goal of providing schools with an ability to identify high-risk activities for brain injuries by tracking patterns of concussions within their school systems. The HIT platform is available at no cost and provides schools with an easy, confidential, and secure method of collecting concussion data for their students.

This resource is available to all Maine schools to aid in the early recognition and management of concussion.  Since the creation of the model concussion policy in 2012, schools across Maine have been instrumental in increasing concussion awareness among students, parents, and staff. Implementation of the concussion policy should improve the management and care a student receives following an injury. Injuries can happen during any activity throughout the school day or outside of school. The location of the injury should not affect the attention and accommodation a student receives. The model policy reflects current best practices in concussion management in schools. Over the years there has been a shift in the focus of how a concussion affects a student, specifically with the recognition that children are students first. Therefore, the model policy outlines a graduated school re-entry plan that is individualized and flexible, with input from medical providers, parents, and the school multidisciplinary team.

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