Heather Geoghan Named MAHPERD High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year

Heather Georghan

Heather Geoghan, a High School Physical Education Teacher at Greely High School in Cumberland, has been named the Maine Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (MAHPERD) 2021 High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year.

Heather works to ensure that students are learning all aspects of the program, and hopefully much more than movement skills, game strategy, and fitness concepts.  She covers the SHAPE America learning standards in each class, teaching a wide variety of motor skills and movement patterns as well as allowing students ample opportunity to practice these skills.

Heather has updated the physical education program to allow students to choose from a wide variety of offerings, allowing them to try something new or expand on current knowledge in a specific area of interest to them.  Students consistently share with Heather how surprised they are that they were able to make significant gains during the semester.

One of her main goals is for students to leave the semester with adequate knowledge and a toolbox of minimal or no-equipment workouts that they can create and continue on their own after class ends. One of Heather’s general class expectations focuses on student’s attitude, effort, and inclusion of all. She works hard to ensure that the gym, field, track, pool, and court are a places that all students feel comfortable and welcome. She firmly believes that classroom management and the environment comes from the tone set from the teacher.

In response to the pandemic, Heather created an entire curriculum through Google Classroom, in which students were able to successfully complete assignments at home and demonstrate their work through data, photos, videos, and fitness log completion for each assignment. She collected over 20 GPS fitness trackers and watches from friends and community members who were willing to donate their devices so that students could track work at home.

Heather has demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with young people, a keen and unique ability to develop and teach physical education curriculum, and an organized and detailed approach to schoolwide matters.  She is an energetic and passionate teacher of physical education with a demonstrated focus on meeting students where they are, getting to know them, and setting expectations for them in collaboration with their interest, ability, and motivation.

Maine Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (MAHPERD) Honor Awards are presented to MAHPERD members in recognition of their excellence to their profession by demonstrating outstanding dedication to their students and profession. To learn more about MAHPERD visit maineahperd.org.