Rumford Elementary Hosts Pre-Thanksgiving Day Parade

For a while, the worldwide pandemic halted much of schools’ in-person connections with families. So they learned to do it differently. They zoomed. They called. They drove to houses. They made videos. But there’s nothing like the joy of coming together as a learning community.

Recently, the Rumford Elementary School staff hosted a “Pre-Thanksgiving Day Parade,” complete with inflatables, decorations, giveaways, staff dressed as story book characters, and even an optional visit with Santa. Local community groups such as the Rumford Public Library, Team Long Run, Western Foothills Kids Association and the Greater Rumford Community Center joined in on the fun.

“It takes a village!” said Rumford Elementary School Principal, Jill Bartash.

As families walked through the “parade,” the joy reflected in their faces filled everyone with a little sense of normalcy and a great sense of love and pride, reinforcing how much our school communities matter.