Students Celebrate Passamaquoddy Language and Culture Through Food – A Feature by the Maine Migrant Education Program

The Maine Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program contracts with the nonprofit Mano en Mano to identify and support migratory students. Mano en Mano works with farmworkers and immigrants to thrive in Maine, and recently shared a story about how Migrant Education students celebrated Passamaquoddy language and culture through food. Check out this wonderful story and many others on their website.

Opan Opu Oponok (Bread in the Oven)

This winter, regional coordinators of the Migrant Education Program (MEP) have been working alongside families and students statewide to provide educational support as well as culturally relevant enrichment activities.

One of the most recent activities was planned and run by James Mendoza, regional coordinator for Eastern Washington County.  He collaborated with teachers and staff at Indian Township School to celebrate Passamaquoddy language and culture through food!

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For more information about Mano en Maino, visit their website. For more information and resources regarding Migrant Education in Maine, contact Amelia Lyons at