Maine’s National Board Certified Teachers Honored in Virtual Pinning Ceremony

National Board Certified Pinning Ceremony

“When I look at each of your faces, I get so excited because I am looking at the best examples of reflective changemakers in the state. I am hoping tonight, you realize how much power you have as an educator and your role as change-maker,” said Hillary Hoyt, National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), 2021 Waldo County Teacher of the Year, and 2022 Maine Teacher of the Year Finalist.  Hoyt was the keynote speaker at the February 7, 2022 virtual pinning ceremony honoring and recognizing Maine’s new and renewed NBCT’s.

This week, 16 educators were celebrated for being newly certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  These outstanding educators join more than 400 teachers across the state who have undergone this highly reflective professional learning experience, including 32 of their colleagues who were recognized for renewal of their National Board Certification this year.

The pinning ceremony was hosted by the Maine Education Association (MEA) and the National Board Certified Teachers Network of Maine (NBCTs of Maine). Among those in attendance to celebrate were family members, colleagues, administrators, fellow NBCT’s, state legislators, and Maine Department of Education staff.  Education Commissioner Pender Makin; Deputy Commissioner Daniel Chuhta, MEA President and NBCT Grace Leavitt; NBCTs of Maine Chair and NBCT, Heidi Goodwin; Membership and Outreach Coordinator and NBCT Matt Madore; NBCT and Treasurer Susan O’Brien; and Keynote Speaker Hillary Hoyt, NBCT all shared words of admiration and congratulations.

The journey to National Board Certification, described by Maine educators as rigorous, personally reassuring, and professionally rewarding, requires nearly 400 hours of time and effort to achieve.  Educators must submit a detailed portfolio that includes examples of student work, video recordings of classroom teaching, a reflection piece focused on student assessment and learning, and demonstrated mastery of the content of their chosen certification area. This evidence must meet the Five Core Propositions and the National Board Standards, a body of knowledge that is maintained by teachers. Practicing teachers, through a peer-review process, assess the portfolios.

Grace Leavitt, MEA President and NBCT reflected on her personal journey to become certified, then addressed the honorees, “You must truly be the most remarkable of most remarkable. Not only did you take on the challenge, but you persisted despite the fact that we have been in a global pandemic for two years.”

Commissioner Pender Makin, just returning from a memorable day in Windham added, “What a complete honor to be able to close out my day in celebration of you.  You each thought, ‘I am going to stretch myself to my absolute limit, dig in deep and engage in this process.’ I am in absolute awe of your work, commitment, of your professional integrity and fortitude that got you through this experience.  Thank you to everyone for everything you do for your students and the profession!”

NBCT’s and Professional Learning Facilitators Heidi Goodwin and Jennifer Dorman led this year’s pinning ceremony.  Attendees each had the opportunity to introduce themselves and be “pinned” by a family member or friend at home.

Closing out the evening, Susan O’Brien shared, “This evening we witness 16 newly certified NBCT’s. Tonight you witnessed 32 veteran NBCT’s being honored for renewing their certificates. These are reflective educators who are forever learning, improving, and leading. I am proud to share a screen with those who go above and beyond with their sparkling pedagogy and engaging content!”

In pursuing and achieving National Board Certification, the following teachers have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their students, schools, and districts. Please join us in congratulating them!

16 New National Board Certified Teachers:

Name District School Grade/subject NB Certificate Achieved
Wyndee Mocciola Grosso Westbrook Saccarappa School  1st Grade/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Carolyn Nichols RSU 1 Morse High School 11 & 12 Biology Science/Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Mary Carbone n/a Thornton Academy High School Science Science/Early Adolescence
Joseph Carbone n/a Thornton Academy High School Science Science/Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Jessica Cardosi n/a Thornton Academy High School Science Science/Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Alice Ford Generalist/Middle Childhood
Jodi Bisson RSU 22 Earl C. McGraw 2nd Grade/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Meagan Mattice Augusta Public Schools Gilbert School Kindergarten/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Stacy Jardine LaBree RSU 22 Reeds Brooks Middle School English and Math English Language Arts/Early Adolescence
Elizabeth Carlson RSU 21 Kennebunk High School Language Arts English Language Arts/Early Adolescence
Kathryn Giampetruzzi Lewiston Public Schools Connors Elementary School ELL Coach English as a New Language/Early and Middle Childhood
Krystle Catell MSAD 28 Camden-Rockport Middle School Special Education Teacher Gr 5 Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Childhood through Young Adulthood
Garrett White Scarborough Schools Scarborough Middle School Art Gr 6-8 Art/Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood
Kassandre  (Kassie) Dwyer Athens Public Schools Athens Community School  Gr 6 – 8 Social Studies- History/Early Adolescence
Becky Marks RSU 12 Windsor Elementary School Gr. 1 Generalist/Early Childhood
Eva Platt Portland Public Schools Multiple schools Library Media Specialist Library Media/Early Childhood through Young Adulthood


32 National Board Certified Teachers who achieved “Maintenance of Certification” (MOC) – (This is the new “renewal process” for NB)


Name District School Grade/subject NB Certificate Maintained
Valerie Dominski RSU 51 Mabel I Wilson School Gr 3/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Maureen Driscoll RSU 51 Mabel I Wilson School Library Media Specialist Library Media/Early Childhood – Young Adulthood
George “Rad” Mayfield RSU 34 Old Town HS Science 9 – 12 Science/Adolescence –& Young Adulthood
Megan Bendson Five Town CSD Camden Hills Regional High School Social Studies 9 – 12 Social Studies/History Adolescence & Young Adulthood
Troy Wagstaff RSU 26 Orono High School School Counselor School Counseling Early Childhood – Young Adulthood
Denise Allen MSAD 51 Greely High School Health/


9 – 12

Health Education – Early Adolescence – Young Adulthood
Blair Atherton Bacon Portland Public Schools Lincoln Middle School Teaching Strategist Literacy: Reading Language Arts, Early & Middle Childhood
Jessica Sleeper Rosado RSU 21 District-wide ELL Teacher English as a New Language: Early and Middle Childhood
Paula Bourque Augusta Public Schools Multiple Schools Literacy Specialist Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood
Maureen Cooper Augusta Public Schools Gilbert School Gr 1 – all Generalist/Early Childhood
Caroline Eldridge Augusta Public Schools Hussey School Gr 2 – all Generalist/Early Childhood
Brenda Longway RSU 10 Mountain Valley Middle School Gr 7 – 8 Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early childhood through Young Adulthood
Tonya Prentice Tremont Public Schools Tremont Consolidated School Science/Gr 5- 6 Generalist/Middle Childhood
Jena Kerns Portland Public Schools Longfellow School Gr 1 -2/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Danielle Waite Millinocket Public Schools Granite Street School Gr 1 – all Generalist/Early Childhood
Heather Girsa Millinocket Public Schools Stearns Jr/Sr High School Math Math/Early Adolescence
Tracy Vassiliev Bangor Public Schools James F. Doughty School Science & Applied Science Science/Early Adolescence
Jennifer Boehmer Bangor Public Schools James F. Doughty School English, Gr 6 English Language Arts/Early Adolescence
Heidi Bullen RSU 44 Crescent Park School Gr 3/all Generalist/Middle Childhood
Brenda Wight RSU 44 Crescent Park School Gr 2/all Generalist/Middle Childhood
Alice Lee RSU 44 Crescent Park School Gr 2/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Renee Charette RSU 44 Telstar Middle School Gr 8/math Generalist/Middle Childhood
Gina Lavoie RSU 44 Crescent Park School Gr 2/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Michelle Fraser Wiscasset Public Schools Wiscasset Middle/High School English Composition Gr 9 & 10 English Language Arts & Young Adulthood
Molly O’Guinness Carlson Wiscasset Public Schools Wiscasset Middle/High School Special Education Teacher 7 – 12 Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Childhood – Young Adulthood
Lori Fowler Lewiston Public Schools Montello School Pre-K/all Generalist/Early Childhood
Robyn Rose Lewiston Public Schools Montello School Special Education

Gr 4 – 6

Exceptional Needs Specialist/early Childhood – Young Adulthood
Sara Lucas RSU 11 Helen Thompson School Gr 2/all Generalist/Early Childhood
William Hinkley RSU 40 Medomak Valley High School Algebra Gr 10 – 12 Mathematics/

Adolescence – Young Adulthood

Nancy Coty Wells Wells High School Health Education 9 – 12 Health Education/Early Adolescence – Young Adulthood
Kevin O’Shaughnessy Wells Wells High School Psychology, World After 1945 9 – 12 Social Studies – History/Adolescence – Young Adulthood
Cara Colgan Westbrook Saccarappa School Gr 4/all Generalist/early Childhood

National Board certification is voluntary and open to all teachers who have at least three years of classroom experience and a bachelor’s degree. Certification is available in 25 certificate areas, from preschool through 12th grade.

Maine offers an annual salary supplement for teachers who have achieved National Board Certification and scholarships to support up to 30 teachers, annually, in attaining National Board Certification.

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