Tune in to the MLTI 2.0 Student Leadership Ambassadors of Maine (SLAM) Show

Student Leadership Ambassador of Maine

The Student Leadership Ambassadors of Maine (SLAM) show is a free, interactive, leadership opportunity where students connect with a community of ‘SLAMmers’ across the state. During these events, held both virtually and in-person this year, students learn presentation and technology skills using online tools to make creative products.

A part of the redesigned, Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI 2.0), SLAM launched in the fall of the 2021/2022 school year to provide student leadership opportunities and allow students from across Maine to meet up virtually once a week to share skills, knowledge, and curiosity with each other.

This year, in addition to the weekly live online events, the Maine DOE’s MLTI team, led by Kern Kelley and the Student Leadership Ambassadors of Maine (SLAM), will host in-person monthly SLAM Shows at schools across Maine.

What is SLAM?

View the latest SLAM episode on the MLTI 2.0 Youtube Channel. To learn more about the MLTI 2.0 SLAM program visit: http://MLTI.me. To sign your school or classroom up to take part in this awesome opportunity, fill out this form.

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