Seeking Applicants for Educator Summit Coordinator Position

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is seeking an energetic, motivated, and experienced individual to serve in the role as the Educator Summit Coordinator. The selected candidate will provide initiative, guidance, and leadership in handling the necessary responsibilities as outlined below in preparation for hosting the 2nd annual Maine Educator Summit. This position will be responsible for overseeing the development of a project timeline; maintaining a Summit budget; managing the event logistics; securing, negotiating, and executing the contract agreements associated with the Summit; and coordinating with the Maine DOE leadership (Commissioner’s office team, office directors, and the communication’s director) and logistics teams throughout the planning and implementation of the event.

This is a contracted professional service position that manages all aspects of the planning and implementation of the 2nd annual Maine Educator Summit.


ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES of the Educator Summit Coordinator

Develop a timeline for Summit preparation, implementation, and evaluation.

  • Serve as DOE point of contact for all event logistics.
  • Include start and completion dates for each task leading up to and during the Summit.
  • Identify and provide clear description of duties for members of the logistics team and sub committees.
  • Facilitate two planning team meetings per month with Maine DOE leadership
      • Create agendas with timelines and action steps
      • Maintain a record of updates and progress made on the action steps
  • Provide weekly written program and fiscal updates to the Chief of Federal Programs and Associate Commissioners.
  • Secure keynote speakers and session facilitators that matches the needs expressed by the field with sessions as closely as possible.
  • Elicit the help of DOE employees for the days of the Summit and clearly define the duties thereof.
  • Continuously evaluate progress and propose necessary changes in timeline as warranted.

Facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration with the logistics team and subcommittees.

  • Provide regular updates to the DOE leadership team utilizing clear communication to establish guidelines, direction, and needed support.

Maintain a Summit budget:

  • Propose a detailed Summit budget by February 1, 2023.
  • Document all expenses, encumbrances, and incomes.
  • Maintain a drawdown document on the grant award.
  • Approve all proposed expenses for items assigned to other team members.
  • Coordinate with the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) to establish the reimbursement process for all attendees regarding travel/food/lodging.

Secure and execute all Summit-related contracts, including but not limited to the following:

  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Audio-Visual
  • Keynote Speaker(s)
  • Staging
  • Movers (as needed)

Collaborate with Maine DOE teams, including the Communications Team members to:

  • Ensure the Maine DOE website for Summit is current, attractive, and functional.
  • Develop and implement a presenter application,
  • Review and accept criteria rubric for submission, and the review and approval process.
  • Collaborate with the Chief of Federal Programs, Director of Communications and Associate Commissioners to finalize all sessions titles and descriptions by April 1, 2023.
  • In collaboration with the planning team, develop the matrices of the sessions, including locations, for all four days of the Summit.
  • Utilize the functionality of a registration and event application.
    • Obtain three estimates for the purchase of an event application to be used
  • Develop a marketing and promotional timeline for the Summit.
  • Promote the Summit using a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MDOE Updates and news releases, and local papers (as deemed necessary).
  • Promote the Summit in all bi-weekly stand-up meetings of the DOE.

Liaise with venue to:

  • Outline configuration set ups and determine other needs for all rooms.
  • Determine and secure all catering needs including meals, snacks, and refreshments, honoring a variety of nutritional and preference requests of participants.
  • Be on-site the week before, during, and after the conference to handle all last-minute details, as needed (i.e., Deliveries, room set-ups/clean up, signage set up/clean up, AV set up, etc.).

Post Summit preparation:

  • Develop and finalize a post-Summit survey in coordination with the leadership team by July 1, 2023.
  • Implement and provide an analysis of a post-Summit survey for attendees and presenters by August 18, 2023.
  • Provide the analyzed feedback from surveys to DOE leadership by September 1, 2023.
  • Ensure that invoicing for expense reimbursement is allowable and timely.

Other duties as the position may require for successful completion of the Summit.

Submit weekly timecard to the Chief of Federal Programs for processing and payment, with a detailed accounting of the work performed during the previous week.

Minimum Qualifications:  To qualify, candidates must have excellent collaboration, organizational and communications skills, as well as strong budgetary oversight capabilities.

APPLICATION:  Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three current professional references with contact information to Cheryl Lang, ESEA Federal Programs Director, at Write “Application Materials for Educator Summit Coordinator” in the Subject line. Submissions will be accepted until 4 PM on Friday, December 2, 2022.