Seeking Teacher Leadership Fellows for Humanities, STEAM, Civics, and Communication

As part of our work to elevate the expertise of the Maine education field, the Maine Department of Education is looking to hire Maine educators in each of the following areas, Humanities, STEAM, Civics, and Communication. These educators will be provided a stipend through this program to: 

  1. Create and distribute a weekly communication to the field in their focus area; 
  2. Create and maintain a webpage on the DOE website related to their focus area; 
  3. Provide a monthly, 1-hour long, professional learning opportunity for Maine educators. The professional learning will be based on requested needs from the field, will be offered virtually, synchronously, and archived for asynchronous access on the Maine DOE youtube channel;   
  4. Provide Maine educators technical assistance regarding classroom-specific best practices in their focus area; and 
  5. Fellows will form a community of practice that will be led by the Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning and will meet monthly to share best practices and engage in a book study to help support their work. 

The Fellows will be selected from Maine’s field of exceptional educators through a competitive process. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have experience as classroom educators (all levels welcome to apply), they have demonstrated innovative approaches in their classroom, have knowledge and experience in the focus area, and they have been involved in learning communities throughout Maine. 

Since the fellowship is in addition to their regular teaching job, fellows will work remotely and outside of their contracted school hours.  

Fellows will begin work as soon as suitable candidates are found and continue through June 2023. Work will then resume for the 2023-24 school year (September – June) for a total of 14 months. Fellows will be expected to work 20 hours/month for a stipend of $2,000/month.  

Click here to apply. Applications close on February 3rd, 2023. 

For more information or questions, please contact Beth Lambert, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning,