Math4ME: Engage Families in Mathematics

Is your school hoping to engage families in mathematics? Math4ME is for YOU!!

Math4ME is a free, three-year, K-5, whole-school project designed to support all educators (classroom teachers, special educators, ed techs, and interventionists) to strengthen math proficiency for all learners with a specific focus on increased math proficiency for students with math IEP goals.

Math4ME Application Form

Register for the Math4ME Info Session March 8, 2023 at 3:30-4:30 PM

“I liked the breakout groups and providing different ways to solve the problems. It helped close the gap in my way of thinking.” – Math4ME Participant

“It gave me ideas of what to think about in regards to delving more deeply into NWEA scores and how to use some of this information to inform both my instruction and the writing of IEP goals.” – Math4ME Participant

For more information contact: Susan Hogan,