Final SAU ESEA Allocations Released and Now Available

The Maine Department of Education’s (DOE) ESEA Federal Programs team is pleased to share that all ESEA Federal Program final allocations are now available. Final allocations can be viewed on the ESEA allocations webpage and have been uploaded into the Grant Award Notification (GAN) within the School Administrative Unit (SAU) ESEA Consolidated Application. Applications can be accessed through the Grants4ME platform.  SAUs can complete and submit their ESEA consolidated application to assign Title I, II, III, IV-A and V funding, if applicable, to SAU and school projects.

It should be noted that due to a letter received from the US Department of Education (USDOE) on February 24, 2023, indicating the USDOE’s intent to place DOE’s Title I, Part A grant on high-risk status and withhold 25 percent of DOE’s fiscal 2022 (school year 2022-23) administrative funds, the withheld funds per federal statute, were redistributed to SAU Title I allocations, providing an additional $117,422 to Maine schools. The Maine DOE has communicated our objections to the USDOE’s actions. In the meantime, the inclusion of the $117,422 in addition to funds received in Maine’s preliminary Title I award, for federal fiscal year 2023 (school year 2023-2024) has resulted in either slight increases or lesser loss to final SAU Title I allocations as compared to preliminary Title I allocations. This is primarily due to adjustments in the hold harmless provision of funding directly related to the concentration stream resulting in additional loss of funds for some SAUs being subsequently minimized by the addition of the reallocation of withheld state administrative funds.

In the preliminary FY24 Title I equitable services allocations, the figures were abnormally low. After a deeper review, a formula error was found and subsequently amended. Please note the substantial increases for final FY24 Title I equitable services allocations.

Interested in understanding how Title I allocations are derived? A Title I allocation webinar is available for viewing.

Questions related to Title I allocations should be directed to Jessica Caron, Title I Specialist. Specific SAU-related ESEA allocation questions can be directed to the ESEA Regional Program Managers.