MaineCare in Education: New Resources and Updated MaineCare in Education 2023 Guide​

The Office of MaineCare Services has updated the MaineCare in Education web page. This webpage provides information and important updates about policy and billing changes to MaineCare-covered services that are provided in an educational setting.

Available on this page are the following services:

  • Sign up for MaineCare’s E-Messages and Bulletins.
  • Review the newly updated 2023 MaineCare in Education Billing Guide- Revised August, 2023.
  • Access Joint Resources Developed by MaineCare and the Maine Department of Education.
  • Sign Up for Virtual Meetings and Trainings.
  • Participate in New MaineCare in Education Courses developed specifically for Parents, Guardians, MaineCare Providers, School Administrators, and other stakeholders.

Educational resources for Parents and Guardians  

  • My Student and MaineCare   – an online course created with parents and guardians in mind. It provides an overview of what MaineCare is and how students can get MaineCare services in schools. This course takes about forty-five (45) minutes to complete.

Educational Resources for School Administrators and MaineCare Providers  

  • MaineCare 100:  Introduction to MaineCare
  • MaineCare 101:  Introduction to School Health-Related Services
  • MaineCare 102:  Advanced School Health-Related Services for Providers

As a reminder, all providers who deliver services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) must ensure all services are documented in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services/Maine Department of Education Joint Guidance on Individualized Education Plan (IEP) documentation.

For technical assistance regarding the billing and processing of MaineCare claims, please email or

For all other questions related to the provision of School Health-Related Services, please email