Maine DOE Launches Website Updates!

website updates

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is excited to announce some updates to our website! This week we launched a new homepage, an updated navigation menu, and a brand-new set of DOE office web pages to streamline your ability to get the resources and support you need from the DOE.

To elevate educator voices, news and programs you need, and professional learning resources, our new homepage features content from Maine DOE’s social media sites, the Maine DOE Newsroom, Maine DOE’s professional event calendar, and Maine DOE’s YouTube channel. The new homepage also features good news stories from Maine schools.  Check out our new homepage here.

In addition to the homepage, we’ve streamlined the menu and included a new set of pages based on the Maine DOE’s external facing offices. These webpages start with a landing page showcasing the many overarching offices within the DOE and the work they do, including the teams, resources, and functions within each office. We hope this provides an improved, more organized path to find our resources and a more efficient way to connect with the different teams that work at the Maine DOE: Find the new office pages here

We are excited about these changes and hope they create a more user-friendly experience for you! Please be on the lookout for further website changes and content updates in the future.