New School Nurse Orientation Registration Now Open!

If you have hired or will be hiring a new nurse for your school over the summer, be sure to include THIS workshop in their new hire work plan. The New School Nurse Orientation is a specialized program, designed to help nurses transition into the educational setting which is very different than hospital, urgent care, or other medical settings. Some of the topics included in the newly revised sessions include a review of the School Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, certification requirements, resources, a review of Maine’s Nurse Practice Act, medication administration policies in schools, screening requirements, concussion management, communicable diseases, and much more. The 2-day session in August will be followed by additional virtual support sessions via Zoom, the first scheduled for September 26.

When: August 14-15, 2019
Where: Bangor Savings Bank, 5 Senator Way, Augusta Maine
2nd Floor Conference Room
Cost: $60 for both days to cover the cost of lunch and materials

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If you have any questions, please contact: Emily Poland, MPH, RN, School Nurse Consultant, at 207-624-6688 or





School Safety Bulletin-June: Preparation and Response for Bomb Threats

Throughout the 2018- 2019 school year, the Maine Department of Education, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Department of Health and Human Services, Maine State Police, Maine Sheriffs Association, Maine Chiefs of Police Association, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency will provide tips and resource information to Maine schools to help provide some guidance for identifying signs and preventing school violence.

Further questions and inquiries can be send to Pat Hinckley, Maine DOE Transportation and Facilities Administrator at 207-624-6886 or 

Maine School Wellness Summit

Refill your wellness toolbox with tools (strategies, resources, and programs) to build an action plan for healthier staff, students and school environments starting with two outstanding educators each day:
June 25th: Murray Banks is a motivational speaker and world champion athlete with roots in teaching school. He lives life with a passion for health and well-being every day. This year he will focus his message on the importance of positivity on one’s overall health using hilarious images, imaginative videos, and poignant classroom and personal stories that will inspire all of us.
June 26th: George Manning returns to the Wellness Summit with more tools, resources and insights focused on life, work and the pursuit of balance. He will engage the audience with his enchanting personality and stories that come from more than 40 years of experience teaching psychology at the collegiate level and traveling the country helping organizations and businesses develop healthy and productive work environments.

Maine School Wellness Summit

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CDC Notifies Public of Confirmed Measles in Maine

Maine Department of Education is sharing the notice provided by the Maine Center for Disease Control regarding a school aged student with a confirmed case of Measles. Schools that were directly involved/at risk have been contacted and have received guidance from the CDC epidemiologist.

If schools who are not affected are contemplating notification beyond what has already been provided to the media by the CDC, the following questions should be considered when making the decision:

    1. What message do you want to send that isn’t already in the news/social media?
    2. What are you telling families to do in response to the information?
    3. Who is going to be handling the parent response?

If school personnel have further questions, we encourage local conversations with the school nursing staff, who are in contact with Emily Poland, School Nurse Consultant at the Maine Department of Education.


Building School Capacity Through Community Collaboration

On June 12, the Maine Department of Education (Maine DOE) is joining the Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN) to provide a free, full-day opportunity for school and community prevention partners to learn and think about ways to collaborate to address challenging topics such as mental health, substance use, and student health.

Participants will learn about resources and funding that is available to develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive activities and programs that are focused on supporting safe and healthy students.

All school personnel who are familiar with their school district’s Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and are knowledgeable of their school’s goals to provide students with access to a well-rounded education and to improve school conditions for student learning are encouraged to participate.

All community prevention partners who have the tools and resources to address safe, healthy, supportive and drug-free environments and are wanting to work with schools to address problems that relate to mental health and substance use are encouraged to participate.

In addition, pediatrician Dr. Ken Ginsburg, via Zoom from Philadelphia, will engage with participants to discuss strength based approaches to reaching teens through school and community engagement efforts.

The day’s agenda will also include: school and community prevention partners’ success stories; a panel presentation with representation from Maine DOE, programs within Maine DHHS, MRBN, and the CAN (Child Abuse and Neglect) Council; an overview of Dr. Ginsburg’s Building Blocks of Resilience (the 7Cs); and facilitated discussion.

This learning opportunity will be held in the Bangor Savings Bank in Augusta on June 12, 2019, beginning at 8:30am and ending by 4:00pm.  Lunch will be provided.

Registration and an agenda for the day can be found here.  Registration closes June 4, 2019

For more information or to ask questions, please contact Sarah Adkins, Student Assistance Coordinator at the Maine DOE at, 624-6685, or Kini-Ana Tinkham, Interim Executive Director, Maine Resilience Building Network at