Get to Know the DOE Team: Meet Shelly Chasse-Johndro

Title II Program Coordinator Shelly Chasse-Johndro is being highlighted this week as the part of a Get to Know the DOE Team campaign! Learn a little more about Shelly in the brief question and answer below.

What are your roles with DOE?

I am the Title II Program Coordinator and the State Ombudsman on the Elementary and Second Education Act (ESEA) team.  My role within the team is to manage local funding allocations and the Title II programming for districts and schools. Our team also ensures continuous state oversight, support and technical assistance for districts and schools, and assists districts and schools in serving eligible students and implementing effective programs. In my role as the state ombudsman, I serve as the SEA’s primary point of contact for addressing questions and concerns from private school officials and LEAs regarding the provision of equitable services under Titles I and VIII; and monitor and enforce the equitable services.

What do you like best about your job?

The best part of my job is supporting districts and schools that are of putting students first in public education along with engaging and collaborating with the department’s dedicated and energetic staff.

How or why did you decide on this career?

At my kindergarten graduation, my career goal was to become a teacher! So, at a very young age I knew that I wanted to be in education. I began my career overseeing the day-to-day operations and supervising employees for a National Professional Development Title III grant at the University of Maine, then moved into a position focused on state approval and CAEP accreditation for the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF). With over a decade and a half with the University of Maine System, I transitioned into the Title II Program Coordinator at the Maine Department of Education for a new challenge and outlook.

What do you like to do outside of work for fun?

It’s all about my FAMILY! My husband of 15 years, 7 year old daughter, and 3 year old Moyen Poodle keep us all busy with sports, swimming, and playing outside.

Migrant Education Program School Survey

The Maine Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides the following School Survey to all Maine school districts to help the Maine MEP locate families that may qualify for related services. Families can elect to complete this form in their primary language.

Each school district is responsible for sending out a Migrant Education Program School Survey for new students entering their school district. This school survey can be in a  “New Student Packet”. The school survey is sent back to the Maine Department of Education if all questions are answered “Yes”. Schools should shred forms that are answered “No”. The Migrant Education Office at the DOE follows up with all referrals with families, determines eligibility for Title I, Part C (Migrant), and provides supplemental services based on individual needs.

If families have traveled (including over the summer) to do work in agriculture or fishing, their children may be eligible for free supplemental educational support services through the Maine Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program.

For more information, please contact Amelia Lyons at 207-557-1787 or

RSU 57 Prek Teachers Train Fellow Educators on Research-based Prek Practice

Prek teachers Melissa Brown, Jessie Carlson, Morgan Gallagher and Sarah Smith from RSU 57 provided training recently for new teachers ready to implement the PreK for ME program in the coming school year.

Prek for ME is a curriculum program based on the Boston Public School’s open source curriculum. Last year, 14 prek classroom teachers, including the 4 from RSU 57, were part of the pilot program that was successfully conducted last year assisting participants in improving their prek classroom instruction. RSU 57 saw great results in this research-based, whole child/multi-domain program.

Excited and eager to help bring their experience and expertise to others, the four RSU 57 teachers co-trained with some assistance from Sue Reed, Early Childhood Specialist from Maine DOE who is leading the efforts to adapt the Prek for ME curriculum for Maine.

The evaluations from the program help to illustrate its success:

“This was a super training!  I appreciated the balance between presentation and hands on with the teachers.” 

“Teachers who have used the program are very helpful!” 

The prek teachers from RSU 57 invited participants to visit their classrooms and to contact them with any questions.  The Prek for ME program will be available on the Maine DOE website by the end of August.

Graduation Reporting-Phase Two- Reminder and Webinar for Assistance

Phase II of graduation will allow schools the opportunity to review and make necessary changes to correct or update exit codes from the 2018/19 school year for their 4th, 5th and 6th year students. The only exits changes allowed during this phase are to the exit of ‘Graduated with diploma’ or ‘Not enrolled, eligible to return’. This phase will focus on ensuring accuracy of exit statuses for students who are part of the 2019, 2018 and 2017 cohorts.

Graduation Reporting Phase II
Opens: August 1st
Due: August 30th

Graduation Phase II Webinar
The Department will be holding an online webinar for Phase II of graduation reporting. The webinar is designed for any school staff who may be asked to complete Graduation Reporting Phase II for their school or district.  During this webinar we will review the process, as well as give a detailed walk through on how to complete Phase II of reporting. Registration is free, but necessary prior to the webinar. This ensures that connection details can be shared with participants.

Webinar Date/Time: Thursday, August 22nd 11:00am-12:30pm

Webinar Registration:

More information on the Graduation Reporting process can be found on our website at:

If you have any questions regarding reporting or NEO access, feel free to contact:
Access: MEDMS Helpdesk – (207) 624-6896
Reporting: Trevor Burns (Student Data Coordinator) – (207) 624-6678


MEDIA ADVISORY: Education Leaders Convening at UMF for 2nd Annual Teach to Lead Conference


The 2nd annual Powered by Maine Teach to Lead® conference is taking place as a chance for educators and school administrators to network with other leaders throughout the state and to provide participants with the unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers and school administrators on an action plan to accomplish common goals and solve identified issues for the coming school year.

Teach to Lead® is a collaborative statewide effort that unites educators, policy-makers, and the greater community around the common vision that every Maine student will benefit from the purposeful involvement of teacher leaders who collaborate in guiding the continuous improvement of schools and the teaching profession.

Teacher leadership systems can also help state, district, and school leaders capitalize on the talents and insights of teachers currently working in local schools. Over time, infusing teacher leadership roles and opportunities throughout educational systems may help to develop, recruit, and retain a greater and even more effective educator workforce.


Teacher leaders, principals, superintendents, and other school administrators from around the state, educators from Maine’s Teacher of the Year program, and representatives from Maine Principals Association (MPA), Maine Education Association (MEA), University of Maine at Farmington, and the Maine Department of Education, including Deputy Commissioner Daniel Chuhta.


Friday, August 16th
8:30am to 3:30pm – Remarks from Maine DOE Deputy Commissioner Dan Chuhta will take place just before the lunch break.


University of Maine at Farmington, North Dining Hall

For more information contact Kelli Deveaux, Maine DOE Director of Communications at or (207) 624-6747.