Proficiency-based learning resources available

The Maine DOE Center for Best Practice (CBP) has created and posted five flyers designed to help districts move forward the conversation about the shift to a proficiency-based learning system.  Continue reading “Proficiency-based learning resources available”

Continuous improvement in RSU 16

Maine DOE’s Center for Best Practice has released its latest case study, Sustained Change, Continuous Improvement, focusing on the transformational efforts of Regional School Unit 16 (Mechanic Falls, Minot and Poland).

This is the sixth of a series of case studies researched and written by the Maine DOE, looking at school districts attempting to implement fundamental changes around proficiency-based education and learner-centered systems. Informed by the Maine DOE strategic plan, Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan For Putting Learners First, these case studies serve as resources for districts implementing proficiency-based diploma policies. Continue reading “Continuous improvement in RSU 16”