Waiver Extension Gives Schools Flexibility

Schools would not have to raise minimum local required share for 2010-11

AUGUSTA – In an effort to give local school systems more flexibility in responding to the anticipated 2010-2011 reduction in state funding, the Maine Department of Education has proposed extending protections for local taxpayers that were in this year’s budget proposal.

At the request of Governor John Baldacci, the Department has submitted amended language to the proposed supplemental budget bill that would waive the requirement that local school districts raise a minimum local required share of funds. This means that school districts would not be required to make up for the reduction in state funds by raising more funds locally. Under normal circumstances, if districts do not raise a minimum local share, state funds are proportionally reduced. The proposed supplemental budget already waives the requirement in the current year. The requirement would now be extended to next fiscal year, as well.

For more information, visit the Maine Department of Education website: http://www.maine.gov/education